The SySpro® Quality Group

The SySpro® Quality Group represents European precasters which provide highest quality concrete components. Their factories are fully high tech with automated facilities including precise robotics and high speed output.
Production is both just-in-time and tailored to customer requirements. The whole design of modem architecture becomes a new criterion - highest quality by efficient construction.
All imaginable geometrical shapes and any high tech components are fast and easily available in logistical packages, ready for the building site.

A further shared feature of the companies refers to the entire order processing which is supported by integrated computer techniques. It ranges from the tendering to the delivery of concrete members based on a sophisticated CAD and ERP software package which controls the reinforcement and casting in the factory and supports the stacking and loading in the storage area to the compiling of bills of delivery and invoices.


The range of products available from Syspro members has increased in recent years, advancing from the floor slab to concrete walls and insulated facades. Also available are stairs, roofs and structural members. Accompanying this product development, the wide range of pure delivery services has been increased by building consultancy services. In the process, the member companies have attained very high performance capabilities:

The planners and architects are granted a lot of freedom to create individual designs. The Syspro Group supports both partners in their quest for the most economically viable solution.

The building site is supported with qualified assistance by skilled assembly teams. Additionally, performance details may be optimised. All Syspro companies provide construction plans which meet building site requirements as a standard.
In the year 2008, a major step in product development was achived. Thermowall facades fulfilled the requirements of the passive house standard. Thereupon, at the Munich construction fair, the winner award was received ("Innovation Prize for Architecture and Construction", AIT Magazine and Intelligent Architecture (publisher: Alexander Koch, Leinfelden- Echterdingen).

Today based on this knowledge and related practical experience the thermowall is in the process of being used as a highly energy-efficient component, i.e. as a multiple thermal collector in combination with heat pump and photovoltaic systems.


The Syspro group's quality concept is dearly expressed in the "Syspro®- HiQ" brand, which is subject to the most rigorous continuous internal and independent quality assessment.

This assessment includes special HiQ criteria, which go far beyond current building standards and requirements. Syspro-HiQ is a guaranty for the customer that the building materials used, as well as the manufacturing process have undergone the most uncompromising quality controls. This allows the creation of quality products, which represent a new standard for progress in building. The requirements for this are up-to-date quality concepts and automated concrete production facilities. This combination allows precision manufacturing of every component:
measurements, reinforcements and fixtures that are always exactly as required.

Quality consciousness starts at the management level. Management determines the quality policies and aims and selects those responsible for carrying out and controlling the QM system. The operation and handling of products, systems and parts in this connection are de- scribed in detail. The system is continually inspected according to EN IS0 9001 with regard to its currency and functionality.

The system's cost efficiency is proven by including the failure costs. This accounts for the open way in which everyone deals with the quality concept. Errors which occur in the course of work are discussed, documented and evaluated, then eliminated for the future by correcting the system. The employees' awareness thereby contributes considerably to the system's success and is a driving force in its development. Development is linked to noticeable improvements which are the basis for belief in one's own quality capability. Clients' recognition is a proof of this.


The development of the production technology of wall panels is based on early experience with the automated manufacturing of floor slab layers. As to planners and suppliers of automtated technology refer to pages A06tf. The basic facility equipment is:

  1. Automated pallet circulation
  2. Control devices through advanced software technology
  3. Computer aided design.

Considerable automation affects the following operations:

  1. Transport and cleaning of pallets and shuttering forms
  2. Drawing the contour lines of the elements in 1 : 1 scale and laser technology
  3. Marking the fixture positions
  4. Setting in place the shuttering of steel, wood and plastic
  5. Manufacture of special shuttering forms
  6. Cutting, bending and welding reinforcements
  7. Setting in place fixtures and reinforcements
  8. Pouring and compacting the concrete

Integrated computer application is the fundamental tool for automated production, whereby the CAD system is the central element. The data for process engineering, production planning, robot controlling, storage facility administration and invoicing are prepared on the basis of the constructive details and appropriate CAD assembly schedule. In the process, the basic structure of the so-called CIM technology is generated. CIM stands for computer-integrated manufacturing, i.e. for a flawless production process which excludes all errors.


  1. Formwork robot
  2. Reinforcement robot
  3. Insulating robot
  4. Thermowall with energy-absorbing pipes embedded-in outer concrete layers